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Aknanda Qigong Nosara Costa Rica

Testimonials our students

Aknanda Healing Arts is an international academy that helps maximizing human potential by exploring new skills and competencies.

Ashley Balwin

«I am going to tell you what Medical Qigong did for me, I have never been so conscious about my bodily habits, from where I hold myself, where I usually have tension. I learned how to relax those areas and it helped me improve my digestion.

I feel like I have a stronger presence. I feel more confident in myself, I feel balanced and grounded, and the more I practice the more those things appear.

It really helped me in a creative aspect as an artist and as a writer since when one writes a lot for example one requires a high mental power.

Being able to return to my body through Qigong benefited me a lot and in the mental sense as well, especially because it helped me transform into a more creative being and understand my body energy when one approaches that high level.

But even for physical issues, elements or healing from injuries, working with particular diseases or performing some posture adjustments generates great benefit. I have seen a great work done in this regard, so I send all my love and support to Juan who can share Medical Qigong with you. «