What do we offer?

Increase your Life Quality – Improve your health - Internal Traditional Arts.

In Aknanda Healing Arts we offer different education options based on each person’s objectives.

Direct Transmission & Online Programs

Trainings and lessons

  • Workshops & courses.
  • Retreats.
  • Teacher Trainings.
  • Regular lessons / sessions.
  • Private lessons / sessions.

A Complete Holistic Approach.

Qigong, Meditation, internal arts, Buddhism and Taoism.

We believe the future comes with a holistic approach.

To understand the law of nature means to accept that everything is interdependent and constantly changing.

As Yin and Yang are two separate forces that need each other and are in constant movement, same happens with our mind and body.

We offer the opportunity to feel and discover how the law of nature works inside of us.

Bharú Juan Martín Torchiaro Aknada QiGon Costa Rica


Head Instructor

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