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Aknanda Healing Arts,
a way to self cultivation

Qigong & Zen

in Nosara Costa Rica

Classes, Retreats, Teacher training, Courses & Online trainings.

Aknanda Healing Arts,
a way to self mastery

Qigong & Zen
in Nosara Costa Rica

Classes, Retreats, Teacher training, Courses & Online trainings.

Aknanda Healing Arts
Upcoming Qigong Events

Learn about our workshops, retreats and teacher training in Nosara, Costa Rica and around the world.


Nosara, Blue Zone, Costa Rica. | July 17th, 2023 – 22th, 2023 | 6 days.

6 days of the traditional trinity training for physical, emotional and mental health.

Increase your Life Quality.

Improve your health.

Internal Traditional Arts

What do we offer?

What do we offer?

In Aknanda Healing Arts we offer different education options based on each person’s objectives....

Aknanda Qigong Method

Aknanda Qigong Method

Aknanda Qigong is a strategically shaped method of consistently walking, practicing and learning...

Whats is Qigong?

Whats is Qigong?

From Nosara, Costa Rica Hello everybody. I feel motivated to write some words about the roots,...

Testimonials our students

Words dedicated to us by people who traveled a section of the road
with us or still part of Aknanda.

"I feel like I have a stronger presence. I feel more confident in my self..."

"I am going to tell you what Medical Qigong did for me, I have never been so conscious about my bodily habits, from where I hold myself, where I usually have tension..."

Ashley Baldwin - USA

"I feel much calmer and more relaxed"

"Hello. My name is Ils and I am from Belgium. The Medical Qigong experience truly changed my life. I healed my ankle pain through it..."

Ils Cools - Belgium

"I felt it as the perfect synthesis between the health of the body, mind and soul"

"But I also always believed that certain disciplines drawn from such remote cultures and environments, required a certain wisdom…"

Christian Heldt - Argentina

Welcome to Aknanda Healing Arts

A space to find your own wisdom and potential, cultivating health, strength and mental clarity. Zen attitude.

I am Bharú, founder, head teacher & practitioner. A vocacional teacher trainer who wants to invite you to join this transformation journey.

My 20 years of experience in the world of Qigong, Meditation, Buddhist and Taoist arts, and Chinese medicine are immersed in Aknanda Method.

“Live as we feel finding your own wisdom, that is the main purpose of mastery of self”

See you in Nosara, Costa Rica. to enjoy and learn with us, through our online traning’s, courses and teacher trainings.


If you want to know more about Aknanda events, classes, teacher training. Contact us and join our community.