Aknanda Qigong Nosara Costa Rica


We teach different types of meditation depending on your needs.

Types of meditation

We focus not only in decreasing your chain of thoughts but also in nourishing your body with Qi / chi / energy = vitality, in creating new postures and in helping you create a water mind.

Meditation on foot

On foot meditation is a central element of the Qi Gong practice. Besides providing all said benefits in seated meditation, it increases the flow of energy (Qi), it strengthens the structure of your body, it aligns your general posture and it is also excellent to strengthen your immune system.

Seated meditation

The most common way of meditation is seated. We offer different techniques that will help you decrease your chain of thoughts to train full attention, energy movement and emotion regulation seeking a balanced attitude in present time.

Meditation in movement

Meditation in movement involves dissipating your chain of thoughts through walks, specific movements synchronizing with breathing and full attention, to get into a deep state of impermanence (movement is the only thing that is constant).

Our Techniques

The mentioned techniques come from Zen Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Thailand Medicine. They were all nurtured in China and Thailand.

The habit of meditation is a great allied to renew our energy after our daily routine. In addition, it produces health benefits in the physical, mental and spiritual levels. 

Meditation and internal arts practice

Zen buddhism

Theravada buddhism


Chinese traditional medicine

Traditional thailand medicine