Aknanda Qigong Nosara Costa Rica


Aknanda Healing Arts is an international academy that helps maximizing human potential by exploring new skills and competencies.

Healing Arts: Qi Gong + Meditation + Zen

Leads you to physical, energetic and spiritual equilibrium as the training basis are transformation, wellbeing and self-knowledge.

Aknanda: means Indivisible space/integrated/unbreakable

Aknanda fosters life in present time. It aims to connect body and spirit to make the most of our potential, living life in harmony as well as more naturally and efficiently.

People practicing qigong

The Academy

Increase your quality of life and discover your internal potential walking the path of health, vitality & wellbeing.

Learn, practice and internalise

Increase your quality of life and discover your internal potential  walking the path of health, vitality and wellbeing.

Why study with us?

Learn and practice Qigong, internal arts, in an authentic way through the Aknanda methodology, which will provide you with solid tools and technical and theoretical principles to evolve and assimilate knowledge towards the awakening of your own wisdom.

Aknanda Healing Arts – The MiddleWay

The content of our syllabus comes from the root of Taoism and Buddhism. Authentic tradition with a available to everyone.

The purpose of teaching and offering knowledge, devices and concepts of these two great schools resides in the conviction of integrating capacities in order to enhance the experience and journey of the practitioner.

Unity is forced. Each of our contents aims to develop different skills, with a reason for being, however our central axis lies in the teaching of “principles” and not just in techniques. When we internalize principles, we can fly by ourselves creating our own story.